May 17, 2024

ISM | MIA: So Unique

Special Service Announcement from the “Queen of Broward” ..
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May 9, 2024

ISM | ATL: The Spicy Hustle by KP

Join our Real Estate/Investor guru as she guides us thru her new Industry Case Study, that goes Behind-the-Scenes where the Adult Entertainment world meets “Retirement“. The Spicy Hustle case study kicks off May 8th. This one’s for the Ladies 😌. She’ll be covering the business side of the spicy…
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August 18, 2023

ISM | Art: “The Language” by F.D.

"I couldn’t sleep the other night and got an idea to shoot with my projector. " #FridaDavidsson  #WernerBronkhorst Ferrari F40
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April 18, 2017

ISM | Art: “Puff & Pass” by F.D.

🎨 Body Painting made for @puffpuffpassit 🎨 ❗️This painting was auctioned to raise money to support the recent hurricane victims. Go to @puffpuffpassit for more info! Video produced by @kampagn & Directed by @madero_films #FridaDavidsson  #WernerBronkhorst Ferrari F40
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April 8, 2024

ISM | Art: “Need Racks For Rari”

 To give each artwork its individuality, the focus in this collection was to find a pop culture reference for each of the top luxury brands and a matching word to refer to money. For some of these cars that proved to be more challenging than…
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June 19, 2023

Bringing the New World to you …

Behind-The-Scenes media and exclusive featured content found only thru ISMProdCo. Featuring the Influencers, talent, entertainers, brands, products, venues & events found near you and throughout our promotional network. Click image below to see more clips from ISM’s | “New World” series.
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